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Fish Plate

Art time for all the family ?? Since it was weekend and daddy was home I prepared something for little girl & dad to do and have their own time together ❤ Plate fish bowl frame ?? Here is what you’ll need: -2 plates ( preferably blue ones, i painted white plates instead) – colored […]

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Wheel of Colors

There are many exercises to strengthen kids’ hand muscles and this is one of them .. Circle of colors and colored “مشابك” to match them with the right color.. All what u need to do is cut a circle on hard paper, divide it into equal sections and color each section. Then paint “المشابك” with […]

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Little artist in the house..

طول عمري بحب أشتغل و أجرب حاجات جديدة بس دايماً كنت بعمل ده لوحدي و مفيش أي حد حواليا بيشاركني ده و مع الوقت بطلت و نسيت.. لحد ما ولدت بنتي و لقيت حد يشاركني الحاجة اللي بحبها ❤️ بقيت كل ما أجي أجرب حاجة جديدة و هي معايا و أشوف الفضول في عينيها إنها […]