Baby food at home!


When my baby was 5 months old, everybody was going “yayyyy we’re 1 month away from starting food”. I was freaking out 😀 I was worried, I didn’t know what to expect. I already hate cooking so I was dreading preparing food for my baby, coz I didn’t want to get the jars or pouches or any type of ready made food, I wanted to give my baby natural healthy food, and keep the jars and pouches for going out, travelling or emergencies.
Several friends recommended the steamer/blender equipment, like from Avent or other brands. Which I thought was a brilliant invention, but I also thought it was too expensive, especially that I will only use it for a couple of months. Also because some babies hate smooth puree, they prefer food mashed with a fork, and I didn’t know what my baby will like…
So I decided that I won’t buy a steamer/blender. Instead, I got a regular hand blender (mine is Braun, but it’s available in all brands, like Philips & Kenwood…). And I got a steamer mesh from Ikea. And I LOVE BOTH!
Other than to puree baby food, the hand blender can be used for soups, and it has another container with it that I can use to chop onions, herbs, garlic, nuts… (and oats, for baby!)
And the steamer mesh is great for preparing veggies for adults as well, since steaming is healthier than boiling. Just put the veggies and some water & wait for it to cook, no need to do anything else! And I love Ikea’s design because it can be adjusted to fit with any pot size  (I’m sure it’s also available in other brands, not only Ikea. You can also use a regular strainer placed inside a big pot).
And with these 2, making food for my baby has never been easier!
Steam 1 big potato, a couple of zucchinis & carrots, blend them, and you have a big batch that you can freeze and use over a couple of weeks.
If someone who hates cooking like me can do it, so can you 😉


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