Fish Plate

Art time for all the family ??
Since it was weekend and daddy was home I prepared something for little girl & dad to do and have their own time together
Plate fish bowl frame ??
Here is what you’ll need:
-2 plates ( preferably blue ones, i painted white plates instead)
– colored papers for the fish
– green papers
– small stones and i had some seashells from our last vacation that Nelly collected herself
– glue stick
– scissors
The age of your child will determine how they will help mine is still 2 years so what she did wad choosing the colors & gluing the items, older kids will be able to cut and paint with you..

First cut a circle from one of the plates leaving the frame of it to use, then paint the plates with blue (tried to make sea texture but i failed lol)
Draw the fish, octopus, sea star (any sea creatures you like) on different colors then add some green sea weeds
After they glued all the items i added the stones and seashells with the wax gun مسدس الشمع and glued the plates together and added a ribbon on the back to hang from ..

Thats it! they had fun together doing their own fish bowl from plates and colored papers to keep forever إن شاء الله ??