Your GoTo detergent for most intents and purposes

I used to be one of those women who shopped for every kind of detergent including 5 different detol varriations but when I had my baby, I did some reading and I realised how wrong this was .

Even for adults, detergants are very harmful if you are not careful. After some research, I found that the best detergant for almost everything is sitting right there in my pantry – not only is it the best, it is actually the cheapest!
The answer is vinegar!
Whether it is dish washing soap, detol, kitchen counter cleaner, pretty much any detergant will leave a trace. Ingesting those traces even in tiny quantities will accumulate over time inside your body and cause toxin levels to rise leading to many deseases.
With babies, it is even worse because they mouth everything (mine licks tables, walls and floors too)
So, after using detergants of any kind, rinse the surfaces with water and vinegar. You can apply this to almost anything in your house, and anything that you can’t use vinegar for (wood floors for example) is better cleaned with water or a dry cloth than with detol products.
The best part is the money saving, I ditched half of my shopping list and bought vinegar instead!
I still use cleaning agents but only for the kitchen, bathroom and balconies, and inside the house I add vinegar to the rinsing water bucket.

Here are a few applications;


Thanks to the chemicals used to grow most fruits and vegitables (even organic ones you can never trully tell), you have to wash (then peal where applicable) like potatos, carrots…etc. I use vinegar to wash all fruits and vegetables (right before use otherwise they will go bad) for my baby and for the adults too. Even oranges and water melon or pumpkin should be washed before cutting*
Eggs MUST be washed right before cracking open, I use water and vinegar.
Chicken, meat and fish should be rinsed well before cooking and vinegar helps clean them too.
*Be careful not to wash eggs, fruits and vegetables if you will not eat or cook right away or they will go bad*


I do my dish washing with liquid soap, like just about everyone, but lately I have started adding vinegar to the soap. It was found that dish washing doap leaves chemical traces on all your cuttlery no matter how well you rinse it. Vinegar helps remove those traces!


Everyone hates residues in the bottom of their boiler! I used to use lemon salt but I found that vinrgar cleans alot better.

Baby Steamer-Blender-Sterilizer

In Every baby product that uses water, the manual will say use vinegar to descale or clean.

Bottles and teats

So, I was inspired to clean with vinegar, all my baby’s utensils, bottles and teats, when I used soap only they always seemed to have some residue no matter how well I rinsed them

High Chair

My baby likes to play cars with her food, wiping and mashing every peice on her high chair table..I was always so worried about germs and I wouldn’t dare use detol, so..yes, vinegar


After washing any toy with mild soap, you can clean with a damp towel with some vinegar to take soap traces away.